Stay with a Panoramic Valley View

Built on the mountain top of Kodaikanal our guests can enjoy the Stay with a panoramic valley view directly from the cabin.

100% Authentic HomeMade Food served with Love and Care

Our recipe shares a healthy flavor of fresh vegetables directly taken from the farmlands & hand-picked vegetables from The Kodaikanal’s Sunday Market. Non-Veg meats are cooked on demand because we don’t refrigerate the meat.

Our Team

Our staffs are hired based on their passion for the work and compassion towards the guests (That’s Ratan Tata’s way of hiring). Our chefs, manager and caretaker shine in their ways by handling every minuscule need of our guests.

Kids Friendly Environment

Kids who stay at Starry Nights like to explore every bit of our property and so we’ve developed a safe eco-friendly environment for them.

Couple Friendly Stay

The main reason for our guests to come back again & again is that there are only a handful of properties in Kodaikanal that restrict bachelors from staying. At Starry Nights we’re reserving our cabins only for couples & families for privacy and safety concerns.

Simpler & Easier Booking Process

We’ve made the booking process simpler for our guests, At your comfort of choice you can book through Phone calls, Whatsapp, Instagram or Website for just Rs.4000 excluding GST.

About "Starry Nights"

“We believe People travel to make memories that make them happy”.

Our team at Starry Nights takes that responsibility for every guest to experience a unique stay in Kodaikanal and it’s a pleasure to be a part of your lifetime memory that you take back home.

It was 2018 when we first encountered this beautiful hilltop overlooking the stunning valley view of Kodaikanal, the city was lit up like a box of jewels at night and It was love at first sight.

After exploring 100+ unique stays throughout India we realized that
“It’s not about having a million places to go, it’s about creating a million reasons to stay”.

And that motivated us to create this paradise for travelers to immerse themselves in the vastness of nature’s beauty who’re otherwise lost in the dull city crowd.

We have a family of 4 sweet and humble employees in Starry Nights who help us to keep this place eco-friendly and sustainable.

We’re happy to announce that we’re the only couple’s friendly Glampsite in Kodaikanal by restricting Bachelors considering the privacy of our guests. Yes, it does put a dent in our profits but all good things come with a cost and we promise to keep up this standard forever.

In just 6 months we’ve evolved to be the most positively rated Glampsite in Kodaikanal and we are thriving to innovate new addons to our Glampsite every day.

Don’t take our words for granted, you can read our guest’s reviews before booking a cabin with us and experience a stay that’s home away from home.”

What Our Guest says about

"Quality Stay, Honestly Priced"

Starry Nights Glamps is a place where everyone can find relaxation, tranquility and comfort. Our mission is to make your holiday truly memorable.

Introducing "Chitti"

Our 24/7 WhatsApp Chatbot assistant. Our guests can get answers instantly to their queries anytime.

Here’s a small video on how to use it.

Glampsite "Offers"

How to Reach us?

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