Best Unique Stays in Kodaikanal for Couples

If you’re planning to stay in a beautiful unique stay in Kodaikanal, then here’s the list of best unique places to stay in Kodaikanal for your upcoming weekend.

List of Unique stays in Kodaikanal 2023:

1. Starry Nights Kodaikanal

unique stays in kodaikanal

Located in the heart of Kodaikanal, Starry Nights offers you an excellent falls view, valley view and the entire town from your cabin itself.

Starry Nights glamping is a unique stay in Kodaikanal which permits their guests profile to couples and families only.

Starry Nights Glamping in Kodaikanal package starts from Rs.4000 onwards that includes campfire and breakfast as complimentary.

How to reach : Private vehicles can reach upto the glampsite itself. Frequent buses are available until Shenbaganur bus stop and from there cab service can be arranged.

Other services includes candle light dinner in Kodaikanal, Jeep safari, Jungle hike trekking and much more…

Introducing Camping on trees which has been never possible before in Kodaikanal but now you can camp at one of the campsite located in Poombarai which is a hotspot of young travellers.

Explore the local culture of Kodaikanal here by directly visiting their homes along with our camp marshall.

Trip Itinerary :

  1. Check in to the base camp at Poombarai.
  2. Trek to our main camp which is just 15 mins from there.
  3. Meet like-minded travellers at our campsite and our camp-marshall will guide you the rules of the campsite.
  4. Take a walk along the waterstream in the village and meet the farmers who’re busy cleaning the carrot and learn how the vegetables are brought from the farm till it reaches your dining table.
  5. Learn the history of Kodaikanal directly from the local’s traditional house and have your lunch there.
  6. Roam around until it gets dark and be prepared to join the food preparation at our campsite for the dinner.
  7. Story time begins around the campfire with other travellers.
  8. Learn and pitch your own tree tents by yourself and rest in trees 😉
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2. Karuna Farm

Karuna farm was an initiative to become an earth friendly homestay and that includes mud houses & bottle houses.

This unique stay in kodaikanal is located near Shenbaganur.

How to reach : Either a 2 hours of trek by walk or jeeps can travel upto their farm and they have a very strict process of filtering their guests.

3. Glass house Cabin

Have you stayed in completely in a room made full of glass? Here’s an opportunity for that if you’re willing to stay in a glass cabin.

This unique stay is located 15 kms away from Kodaikanal and can be reached through public transports.

They charge about Rs 2500 per person for stay and breakfast.

4. Luxeglamp

Luxeglamp offers a unique stay in Kodaikanal which is also a dome stay with a waterfall view.

If you’re a luxury traveller and willing to shell-out 20,000 bucks then this stay is for you.

5. Tree Houses

There are so many tree house stays available in Kodaikanal at affordable price. They’re mostly built with pine trees or bamboo trees with a thatched roof shelter.

If you’re willing to stay in tree house then the best locations to look for would be somewhere closer to Kodaikanal because the tree houses in the outer area are difficult to reach and humid during the day.

6. Lake View Resorts

Do you know that Kodaikanal lake is beautifully lit to watch during the night time? If you’re couple travellers then lake view resorts are a must try.

Just next to the shopping zone from the lake you can find several hotels offering stays and Carlton hotel is one of the best in that area.

7. Jungle Stays

Kodaikanal is located in the western ghats and so you’re going to see many stays out there in jungle. Jungle stays are mostly preferred by youngsters for the adventures available around the stays.

If you’re not worried of leeches then you’ll find many Junge stays in and around Poombarai.

8. Farm Stays

Staying in a farm offers a unique experience to any traveller to admire the naked beauty of the landscapes.

You’d even get a chance to try their freshly pluck fruits, vegetables and rare hers to take back home.

Such farm stays are very limited in Kodaikanal due to the lack of electricity and road connectivity.

9. HillTop View Stays

Starting from Perumal malai, Kodaikanal Town, Poombarai & Mannavanur there are several hilltop view properties available for the visitors.

But most of them come as a regular hotel stay so we’d recommend to check the outskirts of Kodaikanal for hilltop stays which offers more privacy and safety.

Most of the hilltop stays are only accessible through a 4 wheeler Jeep or XUVs.

10. Waterfall View Stays

What’s more enjoyable for a couple than sipping a hot tea with a waterfall view? We’ve already mentioned about Starry nights glamping that offers silver cascade falls view and vattakanal falls view.

Since most of the waterfalls in Kodaikanal comes under the government lands it’s hard to find a unique stay in kodaikanal with private access to waterfalls, Even though you find one be careful about the leeches in the water.

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