Amenities – Starry Nights Glamping

At Starry Nights Glampsite we offer various amenities to our guests that are included with the package of their choice. Here are some of the amenities that is included in our Kodaikanal Glamping Package :

1.Home-Cooked Food

home cooked food

We offer home cooked food for our guests and a traditional dining area setup.

2.Bird Watching & Star Gazing

Use our powerful Binoculars to watch beautiful birds around the glampsite.

3.Kodaikanal City-View

kodaikanal city view

Located just parallel to the City, Guests can enjoy the panoramic view of Kodaikanal.

4.Garden Access

garden starry nights

Enjoy the evening in the Garden with your partner.


Play Dart, Jenga, Shuttlecock, Carrom board and many other fun games here.


campfire starry nights

We have a spacious campfire space to occupy more than 10 members to sing and dance around the campfire and have fun playing with the musical instruments.

7.Grill BBQ

Guests can enjoy their preferred (Veg or Non-Veg) BBQ and take part in the cooking process as well.

8.Hot water Facility

ho water starry nights

Enjoy the Hot shower at our Glampsite which is available 24/7 for our guests.

9.Free Wifi Access

Browse internet fast and free with our satellite dish.

10.CCTV Surveillance

You are safe and secured at Starry Nights Glamping with our CCTV Surveillance.


eco friendly

We are Eco-Friendly and we request our guests to use thrash cans for disposing used water bottles.

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