candle light dinner in kodaikanal

Candle Light Dinner in Kodaikanal for Birthday & Anniversary

Best candle light dinner in Kodaikanal Do you want to surprise your partner on their birthday, anniversary or honeymoon? We’re offering additional services even for birthdays of kids & babies.

candle light dinner in kodaikanal

As one of the best unique stays in Kodaikanal guests can check the reviews about our candle light dinner in Kodaikanal here :

Best Candle Light Dinner in Kodaikanal

Here’s the list of packages available along with candle light dinner and their costs.

Room Decor

This includes decorating the room with

  1. flowers
  2. artificial flowers
  3. balloons
  4. posters.

Cost : Rs. 500

The rooms can be decorated in prior before the guests check-in. Sometimes our guests would like to decorate the room after they check-in so it’s towards the convenience of our guests.

Restaurant Decor

This decoration includes

  1. Beautiful flowers
  2. LED star lights
  3. Scented candle lights
  4. LED candle lights
  5. Floating lotus LED lights
  6. Balloons, Backdrop screens
  7. Real flaming Lantern lights
  8. Wall posters for birthday/ Anniversary
  9. Birthday caps
  10. Dining table decor with White Table cloth & Red runner.

Cost : Rs. 1000

With this decoration you can have your dinner that you’ve ordered for separate cost from our kitchen. You can include other guests from your team otherwise the regular guests from other cabins will be served dinner in a separate sit-out area.

Candle Light Dinner Package

This includes the restaurant decoration given above and special candle light dinner.
Candle Light Dinner Menu :

  1. Non-Alcoholic Red Wine
  2. Sweet Vegetable Soup
  3. Fried Smiley Potatoes
  4. Chicken Cutlet
  5. Briyani (or) Bread Sandwich
  6. Rasgulla (or) Gulab Jamun

Cost : Rs. 3000

The usual dinner time starts after 8 for our guests but for this special candle light dinner we’ll start the service from 7:30 onwards.

Our manager on-site can help you in taking photos from your mobile phone on request.

If you’re planning to bring a separate photographer for pre/post wedding shoot then do let us inform in prior so that we can make necessary arrangements for the photographer to stay and dine with us.

Anniversary / Birthday Celebration with Candle Light Dinner at Kodaikanal

What services do we offer other than candle light dinner?

There are other interesting things we offer for our guests at extra cost and they are as follows:


Guests can participate along with our chef in the process of making tasty live BBQ chicken.

City View Jeep Ride

One of the best view that guests must not miss upon visiting Kodaikanal. We take our guests in our THAR Jeep to this beautiful spot during the evening time to witness the night view of Theni, Cumbam, Kumily and Vaigai Dam.

Jungle Hike Trekking

During this morning trek our guests can enjoy the adventurous hill trek with our guide into the Eucalyptus tree forests which leads you to a beautiful view to the other side of Kodaikanal.

Cake Ordering

If guests are into surprising their partner with cakes then we’d be happy to order the cake of your choice. Guests are advised to inform us a day before about the cake so that it’ll be easy for us to order in prior.

We’ll store the cake in our fridge and our guests can either cut the cake during the candle light dinner. If you’re looking to cut the cake during midnight then we’d make the necessary arrangements for you to find the cake because our kitchen closes by 10 pm.

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